10 Racist Responses to LeBron’s Comments on Race

In case you have been living under a rock, LeBron James’s property in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles was vandalized on Wednesday May 31 when someone spray-painted the N-word on his front gate.

In response, LeBron spoke at length about the incident and his thoughts on race in America:

Pretty powerful stuff. You would think even his harshest critics would admit that. But you’d be wrong. We surveyed a sampling of the comments on Facebook posts featuring this video (mostly from Bleacher Report, with a few from WEEI in Boston and Breitbart thrown in) and nearly half of them were negative, many of them outright racist. We were nice enough to blank out their names, even though we probably shouldn’t have…

Honorable Mentions

The Conspiracy Theorists:

I would rule it out.

Is that a fact?

Yup, that makes sense.

The Double Racist:


The List

In no particular order (except for the last one, which is definitely #1)


So he’s not allowed to comment on a public incident that happened to HIM because his insurance will cover it? Okay, chief. Good to know. Most people graduate from college at 22 by the way…


Not true at all. TMZ broke the story and he was asked about it. It actually sounds like he did paint over it and attempt to move on before the story broke wide.




Over/Under on the amount of times this loser has actually been called a Honky? We’ll put the number at one and take the under…


This could be funny if it didn’t come from a shitty place…


First of all, love the attempt to side with Oprah. Clearly that’s exactly what she meant. Second of all, is this person actually suggesting that a black man could have spray-painted this as a friendly gesture? #MindBlown #SurprisedButNotSurprised


This is VERY representative of the FB comments we came across.


“Not defending the crime.” Obviously…




Slowly backing away from my computer before I change my mind and reveal this person’s name…

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