10 Reasons Why Trevor Bauer Is So Frustrating

This article is for Cleveland Indians fans who have spent the last five years consuming somewhere between three and 27 adult beverages every time Trevor Bauer takes the mound.

It’s almost the end of June and despite having better stuff than 92% of major league hurlers, Bauer sports a 5.50 ERA and has just four quality starts in 15 appearances. Those stats would be slightly more tolerable if he didn’t spend every postgame interview rationalizing his subpar performances and fastballs down the middle that get ripped harder than selfie-snapping Instagram models.

As Zack Meisel of noted facetiously: “If it weren’t for bad luck, Bauer would have no luck at all, it seems.”

Here’s what makes Bauer so unbelievably frustrating:

10. He Never Adjusts

Every Bauer outing begins the same way: trouble locating the fastball, doesn’t follow through on his curveball (seriously, the only thing higher than Bauer’s curveball in the first two innings is Mickey Callaway’s blood pressure), and then he gives up four runs in either the first or the second. The routine is so…damn…old…

9. He Never Admits His Mistakes

In every postgame interview, Bauer provides myriad excuses to explain how the six earned runs he allowed over four innings weren’t his fault. Four quality starts in 15 outings, he’s never once said “my bad…”

8. The 2017 World Series

He went 0-2 with a 5.40 ERA and didn’t appear to give a damn. He’s never been a guy to step up in the limelight, and that’s never going to change…

7. Drones


6. His Apathetic Attitude

It’s the reason why Arizona quickly shipped him out after drafting him No. 3 overall in 2011, and it’s the reason why Cleveland fans are sick of him. We love hustlers in Ohio. We love gamers. Trevor is neither…

5. His Rap “Music”

Rhythm eludes Trevor on the mound, and it sure as hell eludes him on the mic…

4. He Doesn’t Understand What Constitutes A “Quality Pitch”

A quote from Bauer after his last start: “When you have a BABIP (batting average on balls in play) as high as mine, you have to strike out more people to be successful.” First off, that’s essentially saying “our defense sucks and I have to do everything myself,” which simply isn’t true despite a slight defensive regression by the Indians this season (the Tribe currently ranks ninth in fielding percentage at .984 and in the top half of most advanced fielding metrics).

What’s baffling about Bauer is that despite his high IQ, he doesn’t understand what constitutes a quality pitch, which is why he continuously tells people that the two-seamer we all watched leak back over the middle of the plate for a three-run homer wasn’t a bad pitch. News flash, Trev: it was a very bad pitch. You don’t stick to the corners, hence why you get bombed…

3. His Obsession With Velocity

A 6’1 guy throwing 94-97mph is extremely impressive, but for Bauer, his radar gun obsession has been his worst enemy. If he threw 93mph and hit spots, he’d have an ERA under 4.00. Instead, he uncorks heat that more often than not ends up right down the cock. That’s why you have a .330 BABIP, Trev…

2. His Brain

Bauer clearly has a very high IQ, but that big ol’ brain isn’t advantageous on the baseball field. His doesn’t have the ability to relax and refocus — once things spiral down, his brain starts spinning and it’s over…

1. He’s Uncoachable

Bauer’s father is a chemical engineer, and when it comes to his mechanics and creating the torque to throw 96mph from his relatively small frame, Trevor knows more than anyone around. But when it comes to the mental side of the game, he’s impossible. Nobody’s been able to get through to him, and nobody ever will.

Clevelanders: keep sharing this until it gets back to Bauer. Let’s start a dialogue with our underachieving No. 4 starter and see if we can get him to turn a corner…

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