10 Things That Backup Quarterbacks Think

No 10: “Can I Help?”


Back-ups just want to feel a part of things.

No 9: “I Could Do That”


Be careful what you wish for friend.

No 8: “Does This Clipboard Make Me Look Fat?”


Looks mean everything to the backup quarterbacks and clipboards can make people feel a little self- conscious.

No 7: “Am I Second String Or Third String?”


Sometimes it’s hard to know where you stand.

No 6: “I’m Open. No Just Kidding, I Know I’m Not Playing”

No 5: “Why Do They Use The Word String?”


Your mind can wander and you gotta fill the time. Also a good time to consider if your wife is too close with her yoga instructor.

No 4: “Do I Have What It Takes To Make It As A Country Singer?”


Second stringers gotta think about their second careers.

No 3: “Where Am I? Football Right. Got It”


Concussions are a serious issue, gotta constantly check in.

No 2: “No, Not Me! Go Wildcat, I Feel A Cramp Coming On. Please Do That Wildcat Thing”


You never want to take a job where your predecessor was just taken off a stretcher.

No 1: “I Think The Camera Is On Me: Time To Put on My QB Face and Look Tough”


You get one moment in the sun: don’t blow it.

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