11 Athletes Who REALLY Should Have Thought Twice Before Posting on Social Media

This isn’t an exhaustive list of every offensive thing ever said by an athlete on social media. We could have filled this whole list with Tweets from Curt Schilling and Johnny Manziel, but we tried to avoid politics and we don’t really care about Manziel anymore.

No 11: Lance Armstrong


Right after USADA stripped his Tour de France titles and banned him for life in 2012 – and at the very moment when he should have been humbling himself and asking his fans for forgiveness – Lance posted this tone-deaf Tweet and reminded everyone what a jackass he is.

No 10: Kareem Jackson


In March of 2011, while away on an offseason vacation in the Dominican Republic, the Texans cornerback posted of photo of himself attending (or by the looks of it, possibly participating in) a cockfight. Not a good look, especially in the post-Michael Vick NFL, even if it was legal in the Dominican Republic. An even worse look was bragging about it on Twitter. Sample Tweet: “My first time ever seeing chicken fight till the death it was crazy…”

No 9: Charlie Villanueva 


Way to be stealth Chuck. You missed your true calling as a Spy.

No 8: Ray Rice


Safe to say this Tweet isn’t Ray Rice’s biggest regret.

No 7: Ray Allen


Whoa there!! Save this type of talk for DMs Ray. Oh wait, you thought you were sending a DM. Well then learn how to use Twitter. Predictably, Ray claimed he was hacked. No one believed him.

No 6: Joshua Sale


This former first round pick has also been suspended twice for drugs (including at least once for METH) during his minor league career and is basically out of the sport at this point. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…

No 5: Tony Carter


He is referring to the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting that killed 12 people. He sent this Tweet just a couple months after it happened and while he was playing for the Broncos. Definitely a good way to win the fans over…

No 4: Carmelo Anthony


This Tweet appears to be referring to a well-known NBA groupie that ‘Melo’s wife LaLa had a beef with. He said his account was hacked while he was in China. Probably a good move, considering how bad of a look it is to be offering a bounty for someone to hit a woman.

No 3: Gilbert Arenas


In an era when anyone can watch high-quality porn on their phone anytime they want, we’re not so sure this would increase viewership in the WNBA. The lingerie football league isn’t exactly tearing it up. Much more importantly, it is an extremely misogynistic post that shows Gilbert Arenas to be exactly the kind of person we all imagine he is. The worst part? He probably did think twice before sending it and decided to anyway.

No 2: Rashad Mendenhall


This Tweet was about Osama Bin Laden’s death. He followed it up with this…


Shockingly, these sentiments didn’t go over well with NFL fans. Or anyone really.

No 1: Chipper Jones


Chipper later came out and apologized for this Tweet, blaming it on bad information he received. In this instance he should have just told people he was hacked. At least he would have plausible deniability. An apology doesn’t really cut it – who passes along information like that w/out checking whether it’s true?

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