4 Athlete Spouses Who Skewered Their Pig Husbands

Unfathomably large amounts of money can make life easier in certain ways, I think we can all agree. But with that cash comes temptation, dickish behavior, and piss poor decision making. These four women did themselves and their superstar athlete husbands both a favor by making a clean break.

No. 4: Shaunie Nelson – $35,000,000 + 20K/Month


Rampant infidelity? Verbal abuse? Poor free throw percentage? Shaunie realized Shaq could only win with a Kobe or Wade at his side. So she got rid of what was bringing down her franchise and made sure she went down as the only person in history to take Shaq to the paint. The Diesel. DENIED!

No. 3: Cynthia Curtis – $12,000,000 (but probably WAY more)


A-Rod signed the most ridiculous contract in sports history in 2002 with the Texas Rangers and then married Cynthia. Then, not only did she find out that he was banging everything under the sun, but that he’d been juicing the entire time. Nope. Not what Cynthia signed up for. They divorced in 2008 and A-rod got caught the very next season. Well played.

No. 2: Elin Nordegren – $110,000,000


Yea, he cheated. In case you didn’t know. Hookers, porn stars, club promoters, anything with a pulse really. Whatever. But after watching what happened to the markets in ’08, Elin knew she had to sell Tiger high. He had come off his first year without a major and his bubble was ready to pop. Or was that his knee?

No. 1: Juanita Vanoy – $168,000,000


Yes, Michael is the greatest basketball player ever. He also coveted many of his neighbors’ wives. Juanita knew once Rodman and Pippen left his side he’d be no use to anyone. He was not a good defender and an average golfer at best. She was right to consider leaving him in 2002 when he was on the Wizards, and finally came to her senses in 2006 after he’d retired and become dead weight. His Airness, shot down by a ballistic Juanita missile.

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