4 Things I Want To Say To Kevin (by Russell Westbrook)

Break-ups are hard. Ask Taylor Swift — she’ll tell you about it for several hours. But even worse than the end of a romance is the end of a bromance. 50% of marriages end in divorce, but brolationships are supposed to last forever. Russell Westbrook is suffering in silence, but he doesn’t have to. Here are four things Russell wants to say…

No 4: You Were My Brother, Bro


I remember shaking your hand for the first time, the first hug, the first time I saw you sleeping on the team plane and thought, that’s my t.f.a.e (my teammate forever and ever). Now I stare at Andre Roberson, Sabonis, and some big Turkish dude…

No 3: What About That Weekend In Salt Lake?


We played the Jazz in the arena but made Heat in the bedroom. 

No 2: I Held You And You Said You Would Never Leave Me


You looked at me and shed a single tear, saying everything that we couldn’t. I told you I’d pass more, Kevin. I promised. People think that I took all the shots, but they didn’t see us when we were alone. I let you shoot everywhere, completely willing to clean up the glass and the walls and the floor. Whatever it took to keep you happy. I was always wide open for you. But apparently, that wasn’t enough.

No 1: I Feel Like Part Of A Whole, And No Amount Of Baskets Or Sweet Dimes Will Change That


You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Do you know now? Can you smell me when you close your eyes? Because I can still feel you in the sheets of our gameplan. You were there from the start, but just like always you finished first. I want to be okay, I want to ask Victor Oladipo if he wants to watch game film after hours, but the truth is he can’t fill your shoes, he has abnormally small feet…



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