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5 College Basketball Teams That Should Probably Assume NCAA Sanctions Are on the Way

Some schools we expect to dominate basketball recruiting. The Kentuckys, the Dukes, the Kansases. But occasionally – and suspiciously – other schools come out of nowhere to land big recruits. Something tells us there’s more to these college commitments than “I just really love the campus.”


No 5: Louisiana State University


The #1 BASKETBALL recruit in the country in Baton Rouge? There’s got to be a rule against using an executive order from POTUS and the pure unadulterated love of a godfather as recruiting tools. There isn’t, you say? Okay, fair enough. Then how does LSU explain signing Antonio Blakeney the same year? Or these comments from Shaq? Probably time to invest in lawyers, because the NCAA is coming…

No 4: Western Kentucky University


Who even knew Western Kentucky had a basketball team? 2017’s #9 overall recruit Mitchell Robinson either grew ten inches this year after committing to the school and REALLY believes in sticking to his word, or had $10 million put in his checking account courtesy of Western Kentucky’s generous boosters. Either way, the signing is sliiiiiiiightly suspicious…

No 3: University of California, Berkeley


Two years ago, if you told us a team that only has two NCAA Tournament wins since 2003 landed two top-10 recruits (Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown) in the same class, we would’ve thought we’d landed on Mars. And according to Elon Musk’s Twitter account, we haven’t yet, so we’re calling BS…

No 2: University of Alabama


Top 20 recruits typically head to ‘Bama to don shoulder pads and a helmet. But apparently, either Collin Sexton and John Petty have mistaken Avery Johnson for Jesus Christ, or they received some of the aid Saban and his football players enjoy. Not that Saint Nick would ever do anything against the rules…

No 1: University of Washington


Whose children and to what gods are they sacrificing over in Seattle for an unranked team to secure top pro prospect Markelle Fultz and top college recruit Michael Porter Jr.? This is the University of frigging Washington for Christ’s sake. Fultz is from Maryland and is currently a sure-fire top-3 pick playing on a team full of glorified road kill. Without Fultz they may not have a win. The same may be true for Porter next year. So their recruiting is good enough to land one HUGE recruit per year, but not good enough to recruit teammates for them decent enough to come within 20 points of Yale? Hmmm…

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