6 Insane Stories From the Sports World That You Probably Aren't Aware Of

No 6: Michael Irvin Once Cut a Teammate in the Throat with a Pair of Scissors

During training camp in 1998, Irvin got into a disagreement with young guard Everett McIver over who was in line to get a haircut and almost ended up killing him with a pair of scissors. McIver needed multiple stitches to repair a two-inch gash in his neck, and because Irvin was still on probation and risked serious jail time if McIver brought charges, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys covered it up. No charges were brought, no one spoke with the media, and a financial settlement (personally brokered by Jerry Jones) was reached between the two players.


No 5: Rick Williams’ First Agent was Master P


Long before Jigga got into the athlete representation business, Master P was negotiating Ricky Williams’s disastrous incentive-laden contract with the Saints in 1998. This was completely shocking at the time and still is. It just isn’t talked about enough.


No 4: In Addition to Being Charged with Three Murders and a Shooting, Aaron Hernandez is Still a Person of Interest in a 2007 Shooting in Gainesville, FL That Sounds a Lot Like His MO

Aaron Hernandez is currently in prison for the killing of Odin Loyd. Everyone knows that. Most people also know that he has been charged in a 2012 double murder that took place outside a Boston nightclub. Fewer people are aware that he has been charged with shooting his friend in the face during a 2013 incident in South Florida. And almost no one is aware that he is still a person of interest in a 2007 Gainesville, FL double-shooting outside a nightclub. Hernandez was only 17 at the time, but the details of the crime fit his track record.

He was at the nightclub that night and one of the victims initially described the attacker as 6’3, 250 pounds and Hispanic or Hawaiian. Hernandez was questioned in the case, but refused to speak without a lawyer. An odd position to take for a 17-year-old bystander who supposedly had nothing to do with the shooting. In the end, the police never went back at Hernandez and the case went dormant. But after later learning of Hernandez’s propensity for shooting people, detectives took another look. There will probably never be enough evidence to charge him, but we’re guessing the Gainesville detectives are pretty confident that it was Hernandez who pulled the trigger.


No 3: Pete Carroll is a 9/11 Truther

Weird right? He seems like a fairly conventional person, if a little too happy to be a football coach. It doesn’t sound like Carroll has gone full wack job, but it’s also pretty clear that he has more than a few suspicions about what happened that day in September of 2001. Carroll once had a big-time retired General in his office to talk strategy and ended up grilling him about the details of the attack and possible alternate explanations. Shockingly, that didn’t go over very well. Still, in recent years Carroll has continued refusing to distance himself from the Truther movement, saying “I will always be interested in the truth (about the attacks).”


No 2: Don King Has Killed Two Men 

Not entirely shocking, but not well known either. Before King was a boxing promoter extraordinaire, he ended the lives of two other men on the streets of Cleveland. The first was declared a justified killing after he shot a man in the back who was trying to rob King’s illegal gambling house. The second man was an employee of King’s who was beat to death by him in a dispute over $600. King was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and served a little less than four years in prison, getting out in 1971.


No 1: Karl Malone Impregnated a 13-year-old When He Was 20

Yes, you read that right. We have covered Karl Malone’s sordid history here before, and so has Jemele Hill at ESPN, but the Mailman still continues to skate on suffering any kind of a reputation hit. The details are simple. When Malone was a 20-year-old college sophomore he impregnated a girl from his hometown. That girl later gave birth to future NFL player Demetrius Bell. She was 13. Which means AT BEST she had just turned 13 when Malone impregnated her. These are facts, not rumors. As to why you haven’t heard about this until now or why Malone hasn’t gotten more grief for it, we don’t have those answers. But now you know.

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