6 Rule Changes That Could Fix Major League Baseball

I can already feel your vitriol. You’re a baseball purist and you clicked on this link prepared to abhor all six of these proposed rule changes. You think America’s pastime is perfect and that I’m a communist for suggesting amendments on any level.

Let me explain myself: I think baseball’s the best sport on the planet. I don’t want to see sweeping changes, I want to see the game modernized a bit. I want things to go a little faster. We get (almost) every call on the bases right and I want umpires to get every ball/strike call right too. With that as my preface, here are the rule changes that need to happen before 2025 in the planet’s best sport.

6. Cut The Time Between Innings


The MLB has already been experimenting with this one in the minors, but professional baseball players really don’t need that much time to get loose between innings. A 2:30 (two-minute, thirty-second) break clock was instituted in the minors, so a batter had to be in the box by 2:15, and based on the early feedback, the integrity of the game wasn’t affected. Roll everybody a ground ball, throw four pitches instead of six, and get the party started…

5. Pitch Clock


Another concept that’s been used in the minors with no profound pushback: get the ball, step on the rubber, and throw the damn thing. I hate when pitchers take five laps around the mound, fondle the rosin bag like it’s the nutsack of the baseball gods, and take half an hour to throw one pitch. We just ain’t got time for that…

4. Batters Can’t Call Time


This one’s gonna piss a lot of people off, but I’m of the opinion that if a pitcher’s taking too long, feel good that he’s apprehensive about throwing you anything good and stare him down in the box like a beast to get into his head. The Batter’s Box Rule (where a player can call time, but can’t leave the batter’s box) is another minors experiment, and I think it has legitimacy…

3. Only One Pitching Change Per Inning During the Regular Season

Nothing’s more infuriating than watching a major league manager take a stroll out to the mound five times an inning to get three outs, and 99% of the time in the regular season, that’s over-managing and a complete waste of time. There needs to be some sort of clause for a run minimum (obviously if a dude’s getting shelled and can’t get an out, get his ass outta there), but one pitching change per inning during the 162-game regular season would make the game move faster and harken back to the previous era when coaches didn’t micromanage their ‘pens…

2. Put A Runner On Second In The 11th


The World Baseball Classic puts a runner on first and second in the top of the 11th, which seems like overkill, but putting a dude on second starting in the 11th feels like a prudent idea. There’s nothing wrong with an 18-inning game every once in a while, but those games wear teams (and fans) down. Wrap it up in the 11th or 12th, and move on to the next one…

1. Let The Machines Call Balls And Strikes


I’ve been harping on this for a while, and got into a Twitter spat with Huston Street about it, but baseball will be a truly perfect game when the home plate umpire receives the ball/strike call from a machine and relays the call. In the regular season, an MLB ump missing 8-10% of calls doesn’t mean a whole lot. In the World Series? It’s a big deal…

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