6 Sick Burns Roger Goodell Thought Of After He Handed The Trophy To Tom Brady

Goodell obviously hated handing the trophy to Brady, but even worse, he hated not having a zinger to ruin the moment. Here are six sick burns Goodell thought of after he got home:

No 6: You Suck, Bitch


Admittedly not his best, but he was just trying to get on a roll.

No 5: Trump Probably Likes Playing With Your Tiny Deflated Balls Because Of His Tiny Hands

Topical, references Deflategate, a real solid zinger. A good one from Goodell.

No 4: The Only Man Married To A Model Who Still Takes Longer To Get Ready

This one is great because it will almost make Brady feel bad about his super hot wife. Of course, it won’t make him feel bad. But in a game of zingers close has to be good enough.

No 3: I Get Paid About The Same As You And I’m Going To Remember My Children’s Names


Brady keeps taking those shots and he’s going to be looking almost as lost as this guy.

No 2: Just Like You, Giselle Prefers Her Balls Deflated And Saggy

Roger is really jealous of Tom’s relationship, mostly because Tom fucks.

No 1: Drew Bledsoe Comes Off The Bench To Fuck Gisele When You’re Away


At this point, Roger is crying in his study burning all his son’s Brady jerseys, whispering, “who’s your daddy.”

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