6 Sports Traditions That Somehow Still Exist

Some traditions in sports are great. Golf legends starting Masters week by teeing off on the first hole. Grambling and Southern having their bands square off every year. The handshake line at the end of every playoff hockey series. But we are here to examine some of the traditions in sports that just need to go away. Starting with…


6.  The Wave

Just the worst. Is this photo from a sporting event or a religious revival? The guy in the left corner who is refusing to participate should be a role model to children everywhere. Be thankful that we have word limits at The Lead Sports because this could have been a Ph.D. dissertation length presentation on why the wave is the bane of a normal sports fan’s existence.


5. Football Sideline Reporters

Until football has a coach with the last name Popovich, the football sideline reporter will be utterly useless. I see no reason why a producer can’t just report in-game injury statuses to the game announcers. Give me a non-sexist reason why we need football sideline reporters. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

4. Shh…It’s Love to Fifteen

Why do tennis players require absolute quiet to play? We could ask the same about golfers, but spectators in golf are as close as five feet away from the competitors. Plus, a mishap can result in a golf ball being shanked into a spectator’s head at over 120 mph. But tennis? Why can’t the crowd cheer throughout the points? The stadium seating areas are not close to the playing area. The noise becomes a rhythmic blur rather than a sudden jolt with the way the stadiums are set up. So what’s the big deal? If baseball players can deal with a roaring crowd while they try to hit fastballs coming towards them at 100+ mph, tennis players can do the same while returning a serve.

3. Boxing Weigh-Ins on Friday (For Saturday Fights)

What is the point of having weight classes if guys like Canelo Alvarez can drain themselves down to 154 pounds…


…only to show up on fight night re-hydrated up close to 180 pounds…


Can’t we just have these guys box at weights somewhat near what they walk around at? God forbid a little common sense is displayed.


2. The Chain Gang

This would have been number one if we didn’t have to see so many overweight baseball managers stuff themselves into baseball uniforms throughout the years. Explain this to me: The NFL’s average team is valued at $2.3 billion and GPS can track an ant building a hill in Doha, Qatar from my bedroom, but the NFL trusts spotting the ball and calculating first downs to a bunch of middle-aged men (and now women) eyeballing it? 

How ridiculous is it seeing crucial measurements come down to mere millimeters, only to realize that the only reason the ball is there is because of a ref’s best guess? Just watch how the ball is spotted for about five plays in a row, especially focusing on running plays where you can barely see the ball when the runner hits the ground, and tell me it’s not the most asinine thing in sports. Put a computer chip in the ball!

1. Baseball Managers Wearing Player Uniforms

I recently tweeted out the following:


Someone, and of course, there always has to be “that guy”, responded with: “because long ago there were player/managers.” To which I responded, “true, but, there aren’t anymore. Bill Russell was a player/coach, yet we don’t see Brad Stevens suiting up on the sideline.”

So I will leave it to you: Does Charlie Manuel look comfortable in that outfit above? Of course not. Do you think managers enjoy dressing up every day like a 14-year-old on Halloween? How about the tight pants? How absurd would it be if coaches from other sports wore their team uniforms? None of it makes sense on any level.

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