7 Things That Last Longer Than Ronda Rousey

It took a total of 48 seconds for Ronda Rousey to go from the highest paid UFC star in the world to the biggest punchline in sports. Anyone who wasn’t paying close attention probably missed the whole thing. And by “thing” we mean epic beatdown. Here are seven things that (barely) last longer than her in the ring that night…


No. 7: Aaron Rodgers In The Pocket


Aaron Rodgers does in the pocket what Ronda Rousey should do in the octagon.

We know what you’re thinking. And no, you counted wrong.

No. 6: A Bill Belichick Press Conference

Don’t blink, you might miss everything he has to say.

No. 5: A Tender Greens Line

Welcome to Tender Greens! Please step down behind the lady who just ordered a Southern Fried Chicken salad, who will then proceed to stop the chef as he’s preparing her meal to ask him to remove “all the carbs” from the salad and then change her order just before paying because she likes what the person ahead of her got.

No. 4: JaVale McGee’s Playing Time

He lasts 7.5 minutes longer on the hardwood than Ronda Rousey does in the octagon and it’s nothing short of a miracle.

No. 3: Any Conversation Your Mom Has


Get comfortable.

No. 2: The Cleveland Browns Starting QB


If you had a nickel for every time you looked up and someone else was playing QB for the Browns, you’d have $1.30.

No. 1: That Text Back

Cue the heart attack.

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