8 Examples of Irish Athletes & Fans Being Super Irish

#NotAllIrish are loud, obnoxious barbarians behaving like leprechauns who’ve gotten too big for their breeches, but when it comes to sports, let’s just say that stereotypes exist for a reason. In honor of the most annoying holiday ever for college students who want to work in peace and quiet, here’s a compilation of Irish athletes and their fans upholding all of our expectations.

8. Fans Publicly Shame Friend For Flaking


Irish sports fandom is a community endeavor. Don’t fuck with that, Tom.

7. Trevor Brennan Has A Fistfight On The Field

What do they think this is, hockey?

5 & 6. Fans Ruin A News Broadcast

…and again…

4. Roy Keane Stomps A Dude For No Reason At All

That’ll teach you.

3. Conor McGregor Declares Victory

Why put off ’til tomorrow what you can market today?

2. Soccer Fans Would Rather Drink Than Win

You didn’t think you’d get all the way through this list without a drinking stereotype, did you?

1. This


Happy St. Patrick’s Day – don’t do anything these guys wouldn’t do.

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