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8 Other Jobs Nick Saban Would Have Been Great At

Nick Saban may just be the greatest college football coach of all time, but it makes you wonder what else he would be great at…

No 8: High School Principal


Strict, but helpful. Nobody likes him, but he is sure he can help young boys become men in a non-creepy way.

No 7: Authoritarian Leader


The dark side of Saban? He needs all the power. If anyone disputes him, you get a red hot bowl of verbal hellfire.

No 6:  Your High School Girlfriend’s Dad


Try to enjoy dinner with a man who is constantly thinking about how to render you impotent.

No 5) A Mall Security Guard


He is boiling with anger at all times and ALWAYS looking to rough anyone up.

No 4: Meth Kingpin


Saban built a multi-million dollar operation in the backwoods of America capitalizing on Americans need for thrills. All this while trying not to get caught by a strict ruling organization. He already IS Walter White.

No 3: A Villain In An Animated Movie


He scowls constantly, yet everyone believes he has a soft side. We just need someone to bring it out of him. It sure as hell wasn’t Lane Kiffin.



No 2: A Guy Stuck In Traffic


Saban is always yelling, mostly at the universe. He always seems to be quietly planning to vanquish all his advisories.

No 1: Bad Cop



His partner can tell you how much better it is to take a plea deal: Saban wants to slam the table and tell you what the first night in prison is gonna be like.

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