9 Plays That Completely Defy Physics

Put down your protractor, tear up your equations, and forget all that trigonometry homework you copied from your buddy in tenth grade. Throw your scientific laws out the window, because these plays break all of them.

No 9: Mohd Faiz Subri’s Fake-Out Free Kick

Whether the handiwork of the kicker or the wind, this curler had everyone headed the wrong way, including the viewers.

No 8: Aaron Gordon’s Dunk

Surprisingly, this unbelievable play wasn’t enough to win Gordon the 2016 Dunk Contest. At one point we actually thought he had boarded a stair lift that only he could see:

No 7: Simone Biles’s ‘The Biles’

This move is so mind-numbingly difficult that it wasn’t even invented until Biles the human dynamo came along.

No 6: Detroit Tigers’ Fortuitous Deflection

In one of the few instances where a Charley Horse actually turns out to be worth it, this deflection was a one in a million shot.

No 5: Trevor Booker’s Volleyed Basket

Even Kerri Walsh Jennings would have been proud of this exceedingly bold and clever move with no time on the shot clock.

No 4: Bode Miller’s Close Shave

It takes freakish strength to stay on your feet after catching an edge like Bode did. For reference, here’s what should happen:

No 3: Insane Ping Pong Shot

The Bjorn Borg of Table Tennis didn’t have the answer to this nasty hooked shot from Miikka O’Connor.

No 2: Roberto Carlos’s Impossible Shot

From the angle, it seems as though Carlos was going for the cross, but his shank let him down in spectacular fashion.

No 1: An Assortment of Pool Genius

We couldn’t choose just one of these plays as number one for this list, so we’re giving you the whole repertoire. Dude’s got more English than a dozen out-of-work liberal arts graduates.

BONUS: Brian Okam’s Free Throw

The rules of muscle memory dictate that this should have been about four feet closer. For someone who we assume as taken thousands of free throws in his lifetime, this is what we call an air ball to the 894th degree. Perhaps the wind took it?

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