Bill Belichick Just Took a Shit on a Huge NFL Sponsor

What we have here is a case of Bill-on-Bill crime. As in Belichick and Gates. The former went on an epic five-minute (which is like an hour in Beli-speak) rant against Microsoft Surface tablets today at his morning press conference. Coaches have had the iPad-wannabes on the sidelines since the 2014 season as part of a five-year $400 million deal between the NFL and Microsoft, presumably to make it easier to review plays during the game, but Belichick says their effectiveness is so unreliable that he is going back to paper print-outs.

This isn’t the first time the hoodie has expressed frustration with the Surface tablets.

As a long time Belichick watcher, part of me is surprised that he even gave them a chance in the first place. The guy isn’t exactly an evangelist for modern technology, nor does he give two shits about the league office and their corporate sponsorship deals.

The latter point was reinforced once again today. The schadenfreude of the best and most prominent coach in the most popular league in the country going out of his way to rip apart the most important product of that league’s key sponsor is too good not to appreciate.

After Spygate, Deflategate, and all the accumulated fines, suspensions, and lost draft picks, you can bet Belichick took extra pleasure in tweaking the league like this. I’m guessing it isn’t a coincidence that he all of a sudden gets loquacious when he’s talking about the faults of a product the league office holds near and dear. Usually you’re lucky to get more than a few one-word answers and a couple grunts out of him, no matter the subject.

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