Can We Get Andre Roberson to Shoot Free Throws Underhand?

Call me a loser (I am), but for over a year I’ve been trying to get a show made where we take a terrible free throw shooter and teach him how to shoot Granny-style.

I connected with Matt Liston and the guys at UNINTERRUPTED after our Nate Robinson piece about doing a show where we try to convince Andre Drummond to hoist basketballs underhand from the charity stripe, but shortly after I met with Matt, Malcolm Gladwell devoted one of his first podcast episodes to the Granny and killed the little momentum we had.

My question to our loyal readers: would you be interested in a campaign to convince Roberson to shoot free throws underhand and document his progress over the offseason?

I go into depth about the simple science about the underhand free throw in this article from 2014, but essentially the kinesthetic muscle memory needed to perfect the underhand free throw is incredibly easy for the body to learn (I’d estimate it would take Roberson, a 42.3% free throw shooter last season, about three weeks to get up to ~65% and think he could end the season closer to 70%).

Thunder fans: would you give $100 to GoFundMe campaign to teach Roberson the underhand free throw? Think about how the playoffs went last season and how they would’ve went if Andre shot 70% from the foul line.

On second thought, maybe we should ask for $250…

Here’s my offer to the Thunder faithful: help me raise $12,000 (we need a little over $10k, which we’ll get after GoFundMe gets their chunk) and I’ll make a show where we teach Andre Roberson the underhand free throw. If you pledge a certain amount (let’s say $100), you’ll get a Producer credit.

Here’s the link to the GoFundMe page. If Andre chooses not to take part, we’ll refund any/all pledges, but if it comes to fruition, I humbly ask for a thank you letter from OKC fans from Bartlesville to Guymon…

Stay Floatin’,

Tim Livingston, Editor-in-chief @ TheLeadSports

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