Colangelo’s Lie: An Original 76ers Rock Ballad For The Ages

Patrick Resch, a part-time disgruntled 76ers fan, part-time songwriter, and full-time Bud Light drinker, converted his broken heart for the aforementioned franchise into a rock ballad for the ages. To the tune of Don McLean’s “American Pie,” Pat covers everything from Hinkie’s reign to current players to Colangelo’s idiocy in piecing together what could be the City of Brotherly Love’s new anthem. But it’s not only a song about Philly. It’s so much more than that. Pat and the song are a voice for millions of discontented fanbases across the country who feel the same way about their teams.

Pat, TheLead is here to help spread the word and save a life. Godspeed.



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