Derek Jeter's 4 Greatest Plays On (and Off) The Field

No 4: His 3000th hit being a home run

This was euphoria for every Yankee fan. I mean come on, if there was any doubt that Derek Jeter is God’s favorite player, it ended with this hit.

No 3: The Giambi Flip

It must be really painful to be an A’s fan…

No 2: Into the stands


I (along with every woman in the country) yelped with fear as Jeter flew into the stands. But we had nothing to fear, not with Jeter around. He threw himself around and put himself in harm’s way all to bring joy to little boys like me.

No 1: Convincing America he Didn’t Get Married Because His Family Was Hard to Please and Not Because He Liked Banging Models

Jeter kept telling the media he didn’t get married because his mom and sister are hard to please. But hindsight tells us he just loved models

Here’s an image of his All-Star team of relations:


It turns out Jeter should be a Hall of Famer in two of America’s pastimes, baseball and the nightly tap dance between the sheets. Mariano Rivera can induct him into the former, while Leo DiCaprio can handle the latter. You have to be a member to induct someone else, so…

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