Derrick Rose Wins Trial; Still Ends Up a Loser

Derrick Rose and his crew of “associates” were just cleared in the civil case accusing them of sexual assault.

The jury was made up of six women and two men who took a mere three hours and 45 minutes to come back with the verdict. The accuser was seeking $21.5 million in damages.

You can find more detailed reporting about the intricacies of the trial elsewhere, but it basically came down to a he said/she said situation with not much conclusive evidence either way. Clearly the jury felt the proof just wasn’t there.


Here’s a question though: Do you think if Rose could go back in time and pay $21 million for this case to never become public, he would? The price tag is a little steep, so I’m guessing he wouldn’t, but despite him not being charged criminally and winning the lawsuit against him, he will sure as hell move forward with a damaged reputation.

Whether or not it was rape, Rose, his friends, and his legal team engaged in slut-shaming to the Nth degree and repeatedly tried to force the plaintiff to reveal her name in court, arguing that her promiscuity (or implied promiscuity on Twitter) sacrificed her right to anonymity. The judge rightfully disagreed.

More (or equally as) disturbing, Rose often didn’t seem to understand the concept of consent, assuming that an ongoing sexual relationship entitled him to sex anytime he wanted without having to re-acquire consent.

Even putting aside the details that the plaintiff and defendants disagreed on, Rose and his friends come across at best as a sex-crazed pack of dudes who see women as objects to be picked up and discarded casually. Kinda, sorta what we imagine many pro athletes are like behind closed doors, but it is still unsettling to see all the graphic details laid out.

A certain set of fans, especially women, but a large number of men too, will never see Derrick Rose the same way again.

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