Did Eli Manning say “Trump” during an audible call?

Donald Trump is such a constant presence in our lives, that he even appears to come up during NFL games.

In the second quarter of the New York Giants’ win over the Los Angeles Rams in London, the field mics picked up an Eli Manning audible call. It sure sounded like he was screaming the name of the Republican presidential nominee.

It appeared as if Manning was yelling, “Trump! Trump! Trump!” while trying to direct traffic at the line of scrimmage. When asked about it after the game, Manning claimed he was saying something else, but can understand the confusion.

“No. No Trump call. No Trump call,” he said“We had something very similar, but no. No. It was not a Trump. So no, no audible this week.”

Denial aside, he was probably saying “Trump,” right? It doesn’t sound like anything else:

This isn’t the first Trump-centered controversy of the season. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been criticized for his friendship with the real estate mogul and walked out of a press conference after being asked about Trump’s lewd “locker room talk.” In his weekly interview on WEEI Monday, Brady said the Patriots have both “Trump” and “Clinton” audibles. No word on whether he’ll use them, though.

Eli and Peyton Manning each donated to Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign last year. The brothers, much like Brady, have been silent about who they’re planning to vote for Nov. 8.

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