Gregg Popovich says he tells old friend Steve Kerr to “go urinate in a bucket”

It was a tough night for Gregg Popovich.

Though his San Antonio Spurs blew out the Golden State Warriors in the season-opener Tuesday night, it was the first time in nearly 20 years he coached a basketball team that didn’t have Tim Duncan on its roster. So it’s not a surprise that he was in a particularly sour mood.

When asked about how he’s coping with Duncan’s absence, Popovich refused to acknowledge the big man’s retirement. He said he’s fining Duncan $2,500 every day he doesn’t show up. That state of delusion might explain Popovich’s answer when a reporter inquired about his relationship with Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

Since Kerr played under Popovich for two years in San Antonio, it’s fair to surmise the two often chat about coaching and basketball strategy. But Popovich said Tuesday he doesn’t give Kerr any advice. Instead, he offered up this wet kiss to his former player: “I hate Steve Kerr. If he asks me anything I tell him to go urinate in a bucket.”

Nice. Good to see Pop is already in midseason form.

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