Kate Upton & Miko Grimes Gave Us One of the Best Weeks Ever on Twitter

Kate Upton and Miko Grimes could not be more different. Upton catapulted herself to fame when she appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the first time, whereas Grimes is on everybody’s radar because of her penchant for bullying football players and executives on social media. Perhaps not coincidently, the Dolphins released cornerback Brent Grimes, Miko’s husband, this offseason.

Despite the differences between Upton and Grimes, they joined forces to create one of the most entertaining weeks on Twitter in recent memory. It all started Tuesday, when Grimes went after ESPN anchor Sage Steele.

Steele, who hosts NBA Countdown, ripped Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans for sitting during the national anthem Sunday. He said he was protesting what Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election represents.

In response, Steele posted a picture from Arlington National Cemetery and asked Evans to “look up the definition of the word DEMOCRACY.” Her father served in the Army and was the first African-American to suit up for Army’s football team in 1966.

Though it’s apparent Steele took issue with Evans’ actions, she expressed her point of view in a respectful manner. The same can’t be said for Grimes. She unleashed a string of vulgar since-deleted tweets at Steele, hurling racist and sexist insults at the TV personality. Some examples, via the New York Daily News:

“Please tell that C–N @sagesteele (that thinks bc she sucks a white d–k every night that means she isnt black) that i said F–K HER!”

“Black b-tches get white privilege then forget SOLDIERS FOUGHT FOR EVERYONE’S RIGHTS, NOT JUST THE RIGHTS YOU CARE ABOUT!”

“This stupid b-tch thinks national anthem sitting equals hatred for military! U ginorant little b-tch. F–k sage and @kateupton.”

The shot at Upton was completely unsolicited, and perhaps the superstar model would’ve responded if she wasn’t engaged in a Twitter war of her own Wednesday. Detroit Tigers right-hander Justin Verlander, who’s engaged to Upton, fell five points short from winning the American League Cy Young award. Though Verlander received more first-place votes than the winner, Red Sox hurler Rick Porcello, he lost because two voters left him off their ballots entirely. Suffice to say, Upton didn’t take too kindly to the slight.


Her rant culminated with a call for Major League Baseball to fire the two scribes who didn’t cast a vote for Verlander. Unfortunately for Upton, commissioner Rob Manfred doesn’t have the power to fire writers who work for independent news organizations. But maybe he’ll pass the message along.

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