Were KD’s “Inadvertent” Tweets A Favor to Westbrook?

For the first time ever, an athlete wrote some regrettable things on social media and didn’t blame it on a member of his entourage or a group of Russian hackers. That’s right: Kevin Durant admitted his own lanky fingers typed the now-viral tweets that matter-of-factly stated that he didn’t like playing for the Thunder organization, didn’t like playing for Billy Donovan, and that the rest of his OKC roster contained more scrubs than a hospital washing machine. KD called the error “childish” and “idiotic,” but celebrities make mistakes. It’s just incredibly rare that they own up to them.

Durant, who allegedly has several other Twitter handles that he uses to shit-talk fans (take that for what you will), thought he was tweeting from one of those accounts instead of his verified @KDTrey5 handle. What’s interesting is that while he bad-mouths Oklahoma City, its current coach, and most of its players, he lauds Russell Westbrook twice (in the first tweet above, and the subsequent tweet below)…

If OKC’s star guard is leaving at season’s end, which we believe to be the case, maybe Durant’s tweet-storm wasn’t inadvertent after all. Maybe he wanted to do Westbrook a solid and let the public know that playing for the Thunder (and Donovan) isn’t all its cracked up to be, while publicly affirming his respect for Westbrook as a player. Would it really be surprising if KD texted Russell after and said, “I owed you one, so I just made “a mistake” that will ultimately make your Thunder departure way easier.” It wouldn’t, which is why we’ll be the first to say it: Russell Westbrook is definitely going to sign with the Warriors next offseason…

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