The NFL’s Pathetic Response to the New CTE Report

The NFL issued their response to the damning CTE report unveiled by Boston University and as expected, sincerity, remorse, and answers were distant afterthoughts. We learned Tuesday that the cover-up was already underway, and with cover-up comes foundation, if you go to Sephora’s 2-for-1 Summer Sale! JK, we’re not sponsored by a makeup store…yet. With cover-up comes downplaying in our world and the carefully worded, subtly undercutting response from the league did just that…


What continues to be the largest obstacle preventing the true advancement of CTE research (aside from negligence) is the reality that the test can only be performed postmortem. Thus, there’s no way for current players to get tested and the NFL can simply point to this being a limited phenomenon with “many unanswered questions.” We’re not doctors (just WebMD-crazed hypochondriacs), but if current NFLers and living retirees could get tested tomorrow, we’re betting the results would be pretty staggering. Of course, this isn’t possible and the league can continue to sweep studies like these under their ever-expanding rug. We’re choosing to look at this the same way we look at Game of Thrones — the bad guys keep raping, flaying, and murdering the people we care about, but when it’s all said and done, the good guys have to end up on top. Right?

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