‘Now We’re Talking’ Poised to Replace ‘The League’ as TV’s Best Scripted Sports Comedy

Nobody’s made a comedy about sports broadcasters before, huh? Wish we thought of that…

UNINTERRUPTED’s new show about two struggling former NFL quarterbacks (Tug and Tommy) transitioning from quarterbacking football teams to quarterbacking broadcasts will make you laugh, but it’s the show’s ability to remain authentic that sets it apart.

Now We’re Talkin

Our protagonists fail spectacularly and hilariously, but the stars (Tug Coker and Tommy Dewey) remain genuine throughout the lampoon and the audience roots for them at every turn. Character actor Fred Melamed kills it as broadcasting instructor Glenn Klose, and the show isn’t short on NFL cameos (Shawne Merriman, Arian Foster, Landry Fields, Martavis Bryant, Lance Briggs, and Plaxico Burress to name a few), but Tug and Tommy carry Now We’re Talking with enough chemistry to pass a Walter White pop quiz.

We compare NWT to The League, but it won’t live on traditional television. The episodes come in easily digestible 10-minute bursts on Verizon’s new go90 platform, which will surely benefit from creating a content relationship with LeBron James’ UNINTERRUPTED. Tug and Tommy’s comedy works incredibly well in the shorter format — they’re not “one shtick ponies,” and every episode feels fresh. It’s a medium that few have mastered, but we as the audience felt excited to click the “next” button and keep the story rolling.

Next time you have ten minutes to kill, download go90 (which we had never heard of until writing this) just to watch Now We’re Talking. Sports comedy isn’t easy, but when done right, there’s nothing better. We don’t know where TV’s going, but if content creators can churn out high-quality, addicting content that we can consume in an elongated bathroom break? Let’s just say that there’s a ton of potential here…

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