One Year Ago Today We Saw The Worst Play in NFL History

A full year later this play still makes zero sense. As in 0.00. The only thing that makes less sense is why Chuck Pagano still has a job…

Beyond the insanity of actually drawing up and sending in a play that stupid, how do you not call timeout once you line up and realize it has 0.0% chance of working? Look closely at the screen. That’s right, the Colts had 3(!!!) timeouts left. Down six points to one of the best teams in football. With the ball in their own end. And Chuck “Even I don’t know how I still have a job” Pagano doesn’t see fit to call timeout, admit to himself this quackery has no chance of working, and send in the actual punt team, to you know…punt the ball.

How great would it have been if Amazon was following the Colts last year for a reality show (ie: All or Nothing with the Arizona Cardinals) and we got to see the actual planning that went into this shit?

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