Patrick Reed is D-Bag

What qualifies Patrick Reed as a D-Bag Golfer?

The obvious marks against him are his boorish behavior during Ryder Cups (shushing crowds and wagging fingers a la Mutumbo) or his self-proclamation that he was a “top 5” player in the world after less than two seasons on tour.

The fact that he has one of the most punchable faces in professional sports doesn’t help either.

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But for golf die-hards like myself, or anyone who can use the Google machine (shout out to Mr. Tony), there are some legitimate skeletons in Reed’s closet.

In college, first at Georgia and then Augusta State, he was accused of being a cheat and a thief; two traits which are the antithesis of what golfers (at any level) pride themselves on.

(Most of the following information is sourced from Shane Ryan’s excellent book Slaying the Tiger and Stephanie Wei’s indispensable golf blog: Wei Under Par, along with other media reports)

During a qualifying round prior to a tournament, Reed allegedly hit a ball far into the rough but while walking towards the area where the ball landed he came across another ball sitting much closer to the fairway. Just as he was preparing to swing he was confronted by his teammates. Reed pretended he was genuinely confused but his fellow Bulldogs were very skeptical.

Several weeks later, a few items went missing from the Georgia locker room. There was a Scotty Cameron putter, a watch, and $400 cash. The next day Reed showed up with a large bank roll and was questioned about this coincidence by a teammate. Reed claimed to have hustled a professor on the golf course and thus the reason for his sudden windfall. The professor in question was soon asked about this and had no idea what Reed was talking about since the two hadn’t recently played together. These accusations, combined with two citations for underage alcohol consumption (not going to hold this against him, but it can’t be ignored), resulted in him being kicked off the team at UGA.

For all those who will say “that’s hearsay” or “unnamed sources don’t qualify as gospel”, the assistant coach at the time, Jason Payne, backed up the accusations. “The story that has been reported by Shane Ryan is an accurate account of his college career at UGA—including the suspicions held by his former teammates.”

Reed transferred to Augusta State but his issues followed him. He was accused of shaving strokes from his card over two practice rounds before the team’s FIRST tournament. His Augusta State teammates were reviewing cards and found Reed’s scores were wrong for both rounds. After the guys on the team advised him to admit to cheating he refused and lashed out at his first round playing partner, who was described as “easily the nicest guy on the team.” After the coach chose to suspend Reed for two tournaments, rather than kicking him off the team (as the players wanted), the guys briefly considered boycotting if Reed remained on the team. Miraculously, after being confronted about this, he never made a scoring error during his final two years at Augusta State.

His teammates’ disdain for Reed didn’t end there. Before the last round of his college career, a singles match to decided the team national championship against Harris English, several ASU teammates told English the following:

“We want to win the national title, but we hope you kick the shit out of Patrick Reed.”

That comment right there probably says all you need to know about the guy.

The other red flag about him (that is a little less clear cut, but certainly worth bringing up) is his tumultuous relationship with his parents. There was a fallout sometime after his dismissal from Georgia and it only got worse once Reed began dating his soon-to-be wife, Justine. While there hasn’t been any clear-cut explanation, there have been some very odd exchanges. Neither his mother nor father was invited to his wedding in December 2012. On that day, Reed’s father tweeted the following: “You can love someone with all your heart but there is no promise they are going to love you back. The ladies in my life are best!” Yikes. #ShotsFired

Following his win at the Wyndham in 2013, the Augusta Chronicle ran a video interview with Reed’s parents and younger sister, but Reed’s management agency reportedly asked that the video be removed.   After the 2014 Masters his mom tweeted: “If a person does not know where they started from, they sure as heck do not know where they are going….”

In what I can only assume is a dig at Reed’s wife, Justine, his mom also posted the following: “There are doers, givers & takers in the world; you do & give it your all out of love & support; the takers step in & take what is not theirs.”

According to Alan Shipnuck of SI…

“A friend of Bill and Jeannette’s had extra tickets to the 2014 U.S. Open, so with some trepidation, they went to Pinehurst No. 2 and followed Patrick throughout the second round.  Justine was also in the gallery, but no words were exchanged. Walking up the 18th hole, Bill, Jeannette and Hannah were surrounded by police officers. They ultimately were escorted off the grounds and had their tournament badges confiscated by a USGA official who, according to Jeannette, said he was acting on Justine’s wishes.”

Sounds like they won’t be having any family reunions in the near future.

Taking all this information into account, you start to understand why he is so reviled on tour and the first selection for DBGOTW.

And in case that all wasn’t enough, Reed has also been known to drop a gay slur or two on camera…

Hell of a guy, huh?

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