Podcast: Breaking Down WTF Happened to Tiger Woods

In this episode of the Shooting the Shit Podcast, co-hosts Matt Keller and Tim Livingston were joined by Contributing Golf Editor Ben Snyder to break down the fall of Tiger Woods. It was a free-wheeling, heated (at times), humorous (at times), 360 degree look at his rise and fall that ANY fan of Tiger Woods should enjoy.

Among other things, they discussed what Tiger meant to them growing up, when they first remembered hearing about him, and whether he was the most dominant athlete of his generation. They then got into his downfall and speculated on whether he ran and lifted too much, whether he ever took PEDs, why it was such a big mistake to train with the military, and why he could never get his mental edge back after the Thanksgiving Night incident in 2009 with his then wife.

Ben Snyder also shared his opinion that Tiger Woods has had more of an impact than Ghandi. Lots of debate ensued.

To wrap up, the guys discussed what the chances are that Tiger will ever win on the PGA Tour again and did a quick preview of the US Open.

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