Podcast: Going Deep with Alex Popp from Vermont Academy

In the first episode of the Going Deep podcast, our managing editor Matt Keller interviewed Alex Popp (@CoachAPopp), coach of the Vermont Academy Men’s Basketball Team, one of the best teams in the country and a consistent supplier of Division 1 and (soon to be) NBA talent. Popp’s recent teams at Vermont Academy have featured potential 2018 Lottery Pick Bruce Brown from Miami, Tyrique Jones of Xavier, who started as a freshman, and Simisola Shittu, who is currently the 9th ranked High School player in North America, in addition to many other successful D1 players.

The two of them spoke about what makes a great high school program, why players attend Vermont Academy, whether on-court philosophies like small ball trickle up to the NBA or down from it, why young basketball stars are more mature than they were 20 years ago, and how Shittu projects as a player, among other topics. If you enjoy basketball on any level and have ever wondered how kids barely out of High School like Brandon Ingram or Markelle Fultz remain so mature at such a young age, this episode is for you.

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