Podcast: Talking Sports, Media, and Race w/ Jeff Eisenband of ThePostGame

On the latest episode of the Shooting the Shit podcast, Matt Keller and Tim Livingston are joined by Jeff Eisenband, Associate Editor at ThePostGame. In addition to discussing Jeff’s background, the three of them touched on Clay Travis and his persona as a right wing troll, Charles Barkley and his new show on TNT, American Race, and the continued media fallout from the Adam Jones incident at Fenway Park.

Matt and Tim also asked Jeff about the awkward-as-hell A-Rod/Jeter interview on CNBC, whether Jeter is overrated, why the Yankees should make him a part owner before he buys into the Marlins, and what makes A-Rod such a good analyst. Finally they discussed LeBron’s career and how well he has lived up to media expectations, before ending with a fun speed round.

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