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We here at TheLead strive to provide our devoted readers with intelligent, informative, and altogether amusing content on a daily basis. Generally that content is in the form of written word, but every now and then we decide to put something on camera. While this video is neither intelligent nor informative, it delves into the deeper themes surrounding Sunday’s game between the Patriots and the Falcons. Most notably, the lack of black men in Boston and Tom Brady’s third arm. Give it a watch and get your Super Bowl weekend started with a laugh…

Pro Bowl punter Pat McAfee is retiring from the NFL at the age of 29 and going to work for Barstool Sports. We’ll give you a second to read that again. Yup, that’s real. While we know the NFL doesn’t exactly treat their employees with the utmost respect and we are well-versed in the process of leaving a lucrative career to take over the sports media world, this is easily the most interesting of early NFL retirements for myriad reasons: 1) McAfee was slated to make $5.5 million over the next two seasons. 2) Punters aren’t exactly concussion prone so it’s not for fear of wear and tear. 3) Did he not know TheLead was hiring? 4) 5.5 MILLION DOLLARS TO PUNT A FOOTBALL A FEW TIMES A GAME.CHASING THE DREAM
We know, we know, money isn’t everything — but just saying “nah I’m good” to millions of dollars to go work for an up-and-coming sports media company is a shocking move. Was Andrew Luck’s B.O. really that bad? Is the life of a punter really that dull? Did Beyoncé use a surrogate for her first child? We don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but we do know that the man whose last name sounds like the coffee portion of a McDonald’s menu has taken “do what makes you happy” to a whole new level. Best of luck to you, Mr. McAfee, and if you know of any other professional athletes looking for a similar career change, send ’em our way…



  • The man who shot and killed former Jets running back Joe McKnight after a road rage incident has been charged with second-degree murder and could face life in prison if found guilty…


  • Like the smell on your hands after eating tacos, the Baylor cover-up case just won’t go away. The latest development is particularly shocking, as evidence was released that shows former coach Art Briles actively intervened in multiple cases involving players breaking the law, school rules, team protocol, or all of the above. Our Spidey-sense tells us this thing is far from being resolved…


#WeedyWeekend: 10 Athletes Who Definitely Got High Before Games…


On the heels of Stephen Jackson flat out admitting he used to hit the devil’s lettuce (marijuana not kale) before games, we decided to take a look at what other athletes might’ve adopted a similar pregame ritual

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What other Pro Bowl punter came out of Pat McAfee’s alma mater West Virginia?
(Hint: he retired as a Bronco in 2007 after 13 seasons with various teams)CLICK HERE FOR THELEAD TRIVIA ANSWER

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