NCAA Football

Quiz: Real Bowl or Fake?

The holiday season is basically a wet-dream for marketing agencies and profiteers of all stripes. Naturally, the NCAA wants a piece of the action. There are the classic Bowl games like the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl, with rich histories dating back to the early 20th century, but over the past few decades, college football fans have suffered a proliferation of absurd and unnecessary Bowl games designed to squeeze out every last shekel. So test your knowledge – can you distinguish the real Bowls from the fake?

1. Starter Throwback Jacket Bowl


2. Quick Lane Bowl

3. Raytheon Precision Guided Missile Bowl

4. Boca Raton Bowl

5. Belk Bowl


6. Pomegranate Bowl

7. Dollar General Bowl

8. Energizer Bunny Bowl


9. Cialis Memorial Bowl

10. OfficeMax Depot Bowl

11. Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl

12. Joseph A. Bank Bargain Bowl


13. Russell Athletic Bowl

14. Texarkana Bowl

15. Ambrosia Bowl

16. Foster Farms Bowl


17. Raycom Media Camellia Bowl

18. Unilever Glory Bowl



1. Fake; 2. Real; 3. Fake; 4. Real; 5. Real; 6. Fake; 7. Real; 8. Fake; 9. Fake; 10. Fake; 11. Real; 12. Fake; 13. Real; 14. Fake; 15. Fake; 16. Real; 17. Real; 18. Fake

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