Ranking the 11 Best Sports Cameos on Entourage

Honorable Mentions: Mark Teixeira, Amar’e Stoudemire, Shawne Merriman, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, Steve Nash, Michael Strahan, Brian Urlacher, and Gronk/Edelman among many OTHERS

Worst Cameo: Russell Wilson

Perhaps the creepiest cameo of the movie comes from one of weirdest athletes alive. It’s even more awkward than this interview (which for some reason is sound-dubbed to make them all sound drunk).

No 11: Adrian Peterson

Do you think AP ever tried to discipline his kids with that skull? We hope not…

No 10: Thierry Henry


So quick it was easy to miss, Henry plays Ari’s neighbor who refuses to give his son soccer lesson’s in the movie. Bonus points for complete randomness.

No 9: Drew Brees

Actually the real star of this scene is the duck Drew Brees is holding.

No 8: Tom Brady

That stupid two-second cameo during the movie doesn’t count. This ranking is purely about his performance as Mark Wahlberg’s playing partner during their charity golf round with Vince and Drama (the episode where E first meets Murray). The payoff of the bit where Turtle is trolling him, only for Brady to stun him by inviting he and Jamie-Lynn Sigler to dinner with Brady and Gisele, is worth 8th place alone.

No 7: Chuck Liddell

Considering they basically built an entire episode around him, #7 is about the worst Liddell could do on this list.

No 6: Baron Davis


In the movie, Baron Davis had a legitimately funny scene with Gary Busey. No small feat.

No 5: Phil Mickelson

Props to the usually nauseating Mickelson for poking fun at his own douchiness and acting as the humorless hard-ass partner to studio exec Alan Gray (aka Vondas from The Wire Season 2) during Season 5.

No 4: LeBron James

LeBron gets credit for believably selling his disgust at Vince for “only” donating $10,000 to Matt Damon’s charity during this appearance late in the HBO run, for following this role up with an ever better one in Trainwreck, and for randomly having Jim Edmonds as part of he and Matt Damon’s traveling party. All in all, an effective scene.

No 3: Mark Cuban

Fuck a cameo, Cuban was in on Entourage so completely that he committed to the full character arch. While still playing a version of himself, Cuban actually took part in multiple episodes over a fairly long and complicated story line that involved investing in a tequila company that Turtle turned him on to after a chance meeting in Ari’s office. The writing was a little convoluted, but Cuban gets credit for completely buying in and for somewhat decent acting.

No 2: Jerry Jones

Jones managed to do on Entourage what he probably does every day of his life, no matter the situation: he stole the show (starting with the butchering of Ari’s name). Jones appeared in a realistic (although ham-fisted) multi-episode story line about Ari trying to bring an NFL team to LA. The dream dies when tapes of Ari denigrating women are released. Jones has to break the news to him. The funniest part is re-watching it knowing that Jerry Jones actually signed Greg Hardy in real life.

No 1: Ronda Rousey

Rousey is another sports celebrity who actually took part in a full character arch while playing a version of herself. She even displayed one of the rarest qualities in the movie: genuine human emotions. In other words, she was a better actor during her guest-starring role in the movie than several of the series regulars. Was it her fault that it was completely unrealistic that she would ever fall for Turtle? No, let’s blame the writers. The fact that she has parlayed the guest spot into other, more substantive roles also plays into her favor. Rousey probably debated whether or not to take this movie role. Safe to say she made the right choice.

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