Reader Answers to “Should we buy the Mayweather-McGregor Fight?”

Yesterday we reached out to our readers and polled them on whether or not we should order the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Their responses were…..interesting. Here they are, in no particular order, straight from our loyal readers:

1. Apologies(?) for sending a serious, rather than funny, reason to donate to charity instead of lining Floyd’s pockets:

He’s a serial woman beater. He’s unrepentant about it (this year he threw the “I’m still waiting to see photos.” line at Sportscenter Anchors when they pressed him about it). And we live in a country where we just elected a President who is either a serial sexual assailant himself (worst case scenario) or just a liar thinks serial sexual assault is awesome enough to brag about (best case scenario…seriously, that’s our *best* case on the ‘grab them by the…’ tape).

“Money” Mayweather doesn’t deserve a penny more of yours…donate to a domestic violence/assault prevention charity instead.

Now I’m depressed,

Rob L.

2. If you don’t watch the fight, you’ll be like the kid on the playground that wasn’t allowed to watch the new episode of Terrence and Phillip and doesn’t know everything that happened. You would be butters and nobody wants to be butters. Also if you don’t watch it I won’t have intelligent things to say and I won’t look as smart to my friends.

Mark T.

3. If Conor McGregor was able to convince you to buy this fight by ripping off Randy Newman lyrics then Dana White has earned the right to wipe his ass with your $99. There is no point even discussing all of the reasons why this will be a painfully boring fight that Floyd wins by unanimous decision. I would gladly pay to see these guys take the gloves off and step into the octagon for a real fight, because few people deserve to have their face pummeled while millions of people watch more than Floyd Mayweather. But this is not a fight, this is boxing… if not a joke, it is an art. Floyd is Picasso and McGregor is smashed off Jameson at Painting with a Twist. If the FOMO is too much for you just tune into Bilzerian’s insta story. You will get the gist of the fight with the increased odds of spying a Sofia Bevarly nip-slip. Win-win.

Parker A.

4. So I’m donating $5.00/month to an allegedly “struggling” startup that’s considering blowing $100 on a PPV circus act.  Hmmm..I just might have to release some film of you flailing and whiffing at Tyrone’s curveballs in batting practice.  Not a pretty sight.

Richard J.

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5. Dude, give your money to charity. No reason to watch this nonsense. Plus, I’ll bet Donald Trump is gonna buy it and watch. Maybe he’ll even put CNN’s logo on the loser.

Didi M.

6. Don’t do it!  I know you’re looking for a witty answer, I don’t have one but…  You can do better!  The reason we are in the sh!t we are in in this country is because we don’t call each other on our bullshit anymore, everybody turns a blind eye to each other’s indiscretions.  DON’T DO IT, you can do better! This particular act is hardly evil but it will lead you nowhere good… give the money to a worthy cause, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll have some good.

Felix A.

7. Donate the money to charity! If Mayweather v. Mcgregor even happens it’ll feature more bad dancing than a Dancing With the Stars repeat of Kim Kardashian trying to Mambo.
Love what you all do everyday!

Darren M.
Wichita, KS

8. Buy the fight, have a party, raise money for charity.

Kyle H.

9. You have no choice but to buy the fight. you’re a sports site. It’s gonna be a trip.

Jon C.
Louisville, KY

10. My mother said I’m a charity case. Give the money to me.

Amy T.
Boston, MA

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