REVIEW: "Fight Mom" Kicks Ass

Some people call Michelle Waterson the “The Karate Hottie,” others call her the hottest ticket in women’s MMA, one person calls her “mom.”

Sean Menard’s film follows the emerging superstar Waterson as she balances her home life with her work life, with the caveat that her work life entails beating other women into submission.

As Ronda Rousey fades into the abyss, the 30-year-old former model has emerged as UFC’s most marketable female fighter (her recent victory over Paige VanZant was a ratings smash for Fox), but the heart of “Fight Mom” revolves around Waterson’s home life: her husband Joshua, and daughter Araya.


“I’m always drawn to inspirational stories and Michelle has that in spades,” said Menard. “My approach was to go beyond making a traditional sports film and bring people into a world that hasn’t been seen in this way. Capturing Michelle’s ability to balance between life as a mother and a wife, and as a tenacious athlete needing to perform when the pressure’s on, was a fascinating experience.”

The UFC isn’t known for appealing to the 25-50 female demographic, but mothers across the world will undoubtedly be drawn to Waterson. She summons her pluck and tenacity from her maternal instinct to protect Araya, but some of the most powerful moments of the film come from Waterson’s appreciation of her husband.

Joshua gave up a promising boxing career to take a job as a financial advisor, because, in his own words, “Michelle is a hundred times a better fighter than I ever was.”

The film draws insights from some of the most interesting people in MMA, including Jon Jones, Holly Holm, and Waterson’s mentor, Greg Jackson, widely considered one of the sport’s preeminent coaches.  

The movie also represents a landmark for UNINTERRUPTED, LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s distributed media platform. It’s the company’s first feature-length documentary, and a sign that they’re willing to bet on high-quality content, no matter the medium.

“At UNINTERRUPTED, we’re about telling great stories,” said CEO Maverick Carter. “With Michelle, we’ve found an incredible story that has all the right elements: emotion, grit, overcoming setbacks, and perseverance. It’s an amazing journey that we’re excited to help bring to life and share with fans.”

“Fight Mom” is available for streaming on, and is a must-watch for UFC fans, moms, and anyone who needs a little inspiration today…

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