Sources: Charles Oakley Took "At Least 8" Shots Before MSG Incident

This news should come as little surprise, but sources tell TheLead that Charles Oakley was pounding shots at Ashton’s Alley Sports Bar in Midtown prior to his altercation at Madison Square Garden.

“They weren’t regular shots,” one source sitting next to Oakley claimed. “You know when you ask for a shot and instead they send you a small glass of liquor? He took eight of those.” 


Oakley’s a very large man, but eight shots of top shelf liquor over the course of two hours undoubtedly had him pretty tipsy. The former Knicks star admitted to TMZ earlier today that he did have a “few drinks” before the game, but insists he had none inside the arena.

Ashton’s Alley Sports Bar declined comment, citing company policy.

The most important part of this story? Charles Oakley is still the man, James Dolan is still the worst…

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