6 Sick Burns Roger Goodell Thought Of After He Handed The Trophy To Tom Brady

Goodell obviously hated handing the trophy to Brady, but even worse, he hated not having a zinger to ruin the moment. Here are six sick burns Goodell thought of after he got home: No 6: You Suck, Bitch Admittedly not his best, but he was just trying to get on a roll. No 5: Trump […]


5 Ways College Football Coaches Act Like Absentee Fathers

The bond between the coach and a team is like a father and a son. The coach has to raise them up and make them better men, but only until something younger/hotter/richer comes along (looking at you, Sonny Dykes). No 5: They Come Into Your Home And Try To Convince You That They Care Recruiting […]


4 Reasons Why We Need More Shows Like “Mr. Impossible”

Sports needs more activism. More players, journalists, janitors, whoever, trying to change shit. In UNINTERRUPTED’s new series “Mr. Impossible,” protagonist Matt Liston — the same filmmaker who spent countless hours and thousands of his own dollars getting Adam Greenberg a second at-bat — tries to get Jimmy Butler to shoot a free throw with his eyes closed […]


6 Fantasy Creatures That Are Better Looking Than Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk: college graduate, dedicated and vigorous worker, and a face only a mother could love. Even without the bristly chin fringe and hairdo that we can only assume serves as a home for a flock or two of baby birds, Olynyk’s aesthetic profile leaves something to be desired. The following are just a few […]


8 White Athletes Who Would Catch WAY More Flak If They Were Black

News flash: racism isn’t over, and white people and black people aren’t treated the same. This is probably less true in sports because of the inherent meritocracy involved, but that doesn’t mean that giant double-standards don’t exist in the way athletes are covered and perceived. They range from the somewhat innocuous (white guys are gritty, […]


The 5 Biggest NBA Playoff Upsets of The Past 25 Years

In recent years there’s been something of a vocal minority calling for the elimination (or at least shortening) of the first round of the NBA Playoffs due to a perceived lack of parity. How quickly people forget the below upsets that shocked the basketball world and proved how unpredictable the NBA can be… 5) May 7, 1994: […]


UNCOVERED: The Contents of James Dolan’s Preparation Binder

The contents of James Dolan’s infamous “Preparation” binder he brought on The Michael Kay Show have been leaked to the public. TheLead was able to get our hands on the coveted piece of paper and it’s everything you’d expect from the satanic owner. It did NOT disappoint!


How I Found Out My Fantasy Football League Was A Ponzi Scheme

The buy in was 50 bucks, but my latest trip to the Coinstar at Ralph’s (a grocery store, for everyone not from SoCal) had yielded a big haul, so I agreed to play. The league consisted of a few stand up gents, some of whom I knew personally, and frankly I needed a reason to […]


NBA // 15 GIFs of Silly NBA Brawls For Your Enjoyment

In honor of Charles Oakley – the ultimate NBA badass – we put a bunch of GIFs together of NBA brawls. There’s just something about a cluster of giant men bear-hugging each other and pulling each other down that gets us excited. Only a handful of these “fights” feature actual punches, but all of them are […]


The 6 D-Bags Who Ruin Pick-Up Basketball

You know what sucks? Jogging. Seriously, jogging can go F itself in the A with no G. The best way to break a sweat in adulthood (until you rupture your Achilles) involves getting together 10 or more of your bros, pumping up a Spalding, and pretending you still have “it” on the basketball court. That being […]

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