4 Reasons Why We Need More Shows Like “Mr. Impossible”

Tim Livingston

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Sports needs more activism. More players, journalists, janitors, whoever, trying to change shit. In UNINTERRUPTED’s new series “Mr. Impossible,” protagonist Matt Liston — the same filmmaker who spent countless hours and thousands of his own dollars getting Adam Greenberg a second at-bat — tries to get Jimmy Butler to shoot a free throw with his eyes closed 25 years to the day after Jordan pulled off the stunt against the Nuggets. The ultimate goal for Liston and his crew is to support Chicago Lighthouse, an organization that does incredible things for the visually impaired, and offer some inspiration to a blind Bulls fan who lost his sight days after Jordan’s infamous foul shot.

You can watch Liston’s first three adventures here, but the show is exactly what the sports world needs right now — someone willing to shake things up. Mr. Impossible’s brand of “sports activism” works on a variety of levels, but these are the top reasons why we’d like to see more iterations of Liston’s concept…

No 4: Because…Politics


Are we the only ones eager for some feel-good entertainment right now? Someone plucky and crazy enough to attempt to make the world a better place without asking for anything in return? Didn’t that Jesus guy do that or something? We’re not saying Liston’s JC, although we don’t have any definitive proof to the contrary, but some sports entertainment that doesn’t involve murder, scandal, or Russia definitely provides a pleasant reprieve…

No 3: An Attempt to Actually Influence

If you read our StubHub piece or saw our Nate Robinson video, you know we’re all about shaking things up and calling out hypocrisy here at Lead HQ, and Liston’s brand of story-telling does the exact same thing. The media prefers to sit on its collective derriere and let stories roll in as they may, but what about going out and making the story? This is a far more appealing and captivating brand of journalism and we’d love to see more of the same…

No 2: Charity

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The Chicago Lighthouse really is an incredible organization…

No 1: A Strong CTA


During Episode 3, Liston gives a call to action and urges everyone who balls — whether it be high school, college, rec league, or for the Chicago Bulls — to send in footage of eyes-closed free throws and hashtag #MrImpossible or #ChicagoLighthouse on any form of social media. It’s a fun way to keep the audience engaged, and even if you have two left feet and no jumper like a majority of our staff, film yourself air-balling (or swishing, that would be awesome) a free throw next time you step onto the court to support a great cause…


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