8 Examples of Irish Athletes & Fans Being Super Irish

Dori Sharp

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#NotAllIrish are loud, obnoxious barbarians behaving like leprechauns who’ve gotten too big for their breeches, but when it comes to sports, let’s just say that stereotypes exist for a reason. In honor of the most annoying holiday ever for college students who want to work in peace and quiet, here’s a compilation of Irish athletes and their fans upholding all of our expectations.

No 8: Fans Publicly Shame Friend For Flaking


Irish sports fandom is a community endeavor. Don’t fuck with that, Tom.

No 7: Trevor Brennan Has A Fistfight On The Field

What do they think this is, hockey?

No 5 & 6: Fans Ruin A News Broadcast

…and again…

No 4: Roy Keane Stomps A Dude For No Reason At All

That’ll teach you.

No 3: Conor McGregor Declares Victory

Why put off ’til tomorrow what you can market today?

No 2: Soccer Fans Would Rather Drink Than Win

You didn’t think you’d get all the way through this list without a drinking stereotype, did you?

No 1: This.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day – don’t do anything these guys wouldn’t do.


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