The 3 Most Disturbing Things About the Russell Wilson/Ciara Photo Shoot

There’s a lot going on with this picture, so let’s start from the top. Russell Wilson’s way too close to that kid’s private parts. We have no idea how Ciara could think this picture was normal, cool, artistic, whatever the hell she thought when choosing to post this on her social media. Here are the three things that disturb us the most:


3. Russell Wilson’s Proximity to Future Zahir Wilburn’s Wee Wee

Did we mention this already? It’s really creeping us out…

2. The Size of Future Zahir Wilburn

Are we sure this kid’s only two years old and not sixteen? We have writers (looking at you, Rick Cisario) who are about the same size and would be extremely eager to be touching an almost-naked Ciara in a similar fashion…

1. Why Not Put Tighty-Whities On The Kid?

Ciara gets tighty-whities, but the kid’s naked? I’m just realizing how much less weird this photo would be if Future Jr. had some underwear on. We’re totally fine with pregnant photo shoots, but this is the weirdest fucking picture on the internet right now. Can’t believe anyone involved thought this was a good idea…

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