The 5 Hottest Women In Sports That You’ve Never Heard Of

Michelle Wie, Alex Morgan, Skylar Diggins. They’re all babe-tastic ballers who would crush you in their respective sports, but you’ve heard of them.

Well, we know you’re bored at work with a chubby under your slacks and want to enter another world where you have a chance at dating an incredibly attractive, successful, female athlete.

Don’t worry. We got you…

5. Michelle Jenneke


A hurdler from Australia, Jenneke’s known for her pregame shimmy (above) and for gracing the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with her long legs and adorable smile. Jenneke disappointed in the 2016 Games, most likely because she stands to make millions more off her looks than consistently jumping over 33-inch obstacles….

4. Ellen Hoog


A Dutch field hockey star, Hoog’s 171k Instagram followers would be closer to 171 million if she was a soccer player in the US. She’s hotter than bacon grease spitting off a frying pan…

3. Cheyenne Woods


Can you imagine marrying into the Woods family? Whatever mediocre genes you’re bringing to the table would be discarded and your offspring would undoubtedly ascend to greatness in any sport of his or her choosing. Only downside is Cheyenne (and the top gal on our list) would beat your ass on the links… 

2. Allison Stokke


Allison Stokke doesn’t want to be a sex symbol, but we’re sorry, hunny: God brought his A-game when he made you. The former Cal pole vaulter never starred in the Olympics, but makes a mighty fine living as a sportswear model for Nike, Athleta, and Uniqlo…

1. Paige Spiranac


An Instagram star in her own right, a Google Images search for Ms. Spiranac is guaranteed to squash your afternoon productivity for 1-7 hours. Follow her on Instagram? Mine as well kiss work goodbye until Wednesday. The San Diego State grad won her first Cactus Tour event in June, and will continue to win the internet for the next decade…

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