The 6 NBA Players Who Could Walk Onto an NFL Field Tomorrow and Play

No 6: Kawhi Leonard

There shouldn’t be much doubt that Kawhi Leonard could hang in the NFL, at least as a situational backup. The question is more about what position he would play. At 6’7/230lb with giant hands, the place that seems to make the most sense is tight end, in a non-blocking Jimmy Graham-type of role. More or less a big receiver. Kawhi was apparently a great defensive back in ninth grade before he hung up his pads, so the only other place that could be a possibility is as an outside linebacker who could both rush the passer and cover bigger receivers and tight ends on obvious passing downs. At minimum, he could be a specialist covering only big receivers and tight ends. Put him on Mike Evans the entire game next week and we bet he would do a better job than most.

No 5: Glen “Big Baby” Davis

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers

This one wouldn’t take much guesswork. Although he played running back in high school (seriously) the man was probably born to be an NFL tackle more than he was an NBA player. Imagine what he would look like without all the cardio. He would be a 6’9 335 pound athletic behemoth who could at least hold his own as a situational backup defensive lineman. One other possible landing spot would be at right tackle. There’s a shortage of good ones in the league right now and his quickness could help him out there, while his height may not hurt him as much as it would at defensive tackle.

No 4: Nate Robinson*

Our video should speak for itself. After it aired, Nate Robinson was given a tryout with the Seahawks as a slot receiver and showed real promise. For a variety of reasons, Nate hasn’t gotten a gig in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t walk on the field tomorrow as a backup slot receiver. *Nate Robinson isn’t currently on an NBA roster, but is officially an unsigned free agent

No 3: Draymond Green


If he wasn’t so good at basketball, Draymond would have been a perfect candidate to jump straight to being a tight end in the NFL from NCAA basketball, a la Antonio Gates. He even played in the Michigan State spring game (above) one year. He has the perfect body size and disposition, along with a pair of really long arms to snag passes with. Goodell would probably end up fining him a couple hundred G’s for his assorted antics, but he has enough money to cover it.

No 2: Avery Bradley

Just watch this video. What he does all game is literally the job description for an NFL cornerback playing man coverage. He chases around the best athletes on earth between 5’10 and 6’4 and rarely gives them an inch of breathing room. Give him a helmet, put him on a team’s second receiver and tell him to follow the guy all over the field. Forget defending the run, just don’t let the receiver breath. It would NOT be a problem for Avery Bradley.

No 1: LeBron


You really need this explained?

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