The 7 Greatest Strokes in History

Whether you are an ancient calligrapher or modern-day shooting guard, it’s hard to argue that a good stroke is very valuable. Here are the seven best in recorded human history:

7. Wang Xizhi

The year was (approximately) 353 AD when Big Wang laid down the infamous “Lantingji Xu,” arguably the dankest piece of Chinese calligraphy of all-time. Don’t sleep on Wang’s stroke — it’s beyond impressive…

6. Klephen Thomurry


Who to pick between Klay’s compact dagger of smoothness of Steph’s beautiful high-arching parabola? They’re forever tied at the hip anyway, so they can share the No 6 spot…

5. Fred Couples


If you want to hear a golf nerd orgasm, listen to them talk about Freddy Couples’ tempo. They’d jizz all over his nine iron if they had a chance. Fred’s swing is thing of beauty — he can lay the wood like nobody’s business…

4. Gloria Cleary (Isla Fisher)

3. Ray Allen

God bless any spoiled rich girl willing to stroke under the table during a tasteful dinner…


The NBA’s all-time leader in threes could flick a basketball through a hoop like nobody’s business. Allen’s incredible ability to swish shots after sprinting around 25 screens with 12 hands in his face was incredible to watch…

2. John Travolta’s Masseur “Edward”


If there’s a “married” man who loves a good rubdown, it’s ol’ Grease-lightning. We’ve heard Edward’s form will get you off faster than a Florida State football player arrested for a DUI in Tallahassee…

1. Ken Griffey, Jr.


Look at that swing — is there anything on earth more poetic? For all the beautiful strokes in the world, Ken Griffey Jr.’s is still No 1….

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