The 7 Most Underrated Puppy Bowl Heroes

 The NFL might be the most popular thing in America, but puppies are making a serious comeback. One of the reasons for this alarming trend has been Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, an adorable sporting event that’s been going head to head with the Big Game since 2005. Since that time the Puppy Bowl has had its share of legendary players thanks in no small part to its Most Valuable Puppy Award. And while Monsigneur Jacques the French Poodle, Abigail the Jack Russell, and Matilda the Beagle are all household names, there are a lot of unsung Puppy Bowl heroes that have been all but forgotten to the sands of time:
Despite sharing the all-time Puppy Bowl touchdown record (at the time) with his teammate Abigail, Jackson may be doomed to forever being known as “the other Jack Russell mix of Puppy Bowl IV.” Jackson and Abigail led Team Fluff to their utter beatdown of Team Ruff that year, and helped to cement the public perception that the Big Game is usually a one-sided affair. Cheers to you, Jackson.
What Bart Starr is to the Green Bay Packers, Eli the Australian Shepherd is to Team Ruff. Over the years since he broke Jackson and Abigail’s touchdown record in Puppy Bowl V, Eli has become something more than a puppy in the minds of Ruff Nation: he’s become a symbol.
Things really started to heat up in Puppy Bowl VIII. This was the year when Aberdeen, another Australian shepherd, shattered all PB running records and scored four touchdowns. No one knows exactly why Aberdeen didn’t win Most Valuable Puppy (we think it was the league’s longstanding bias against running backs) but he did win the Viewer’s Choice Award that season, so there is some justice in the world.
Timber the lab mix was the Edelman to Star the Chow Chow’s Brady back in Puppy Bowl XII. Together the adorable duo led Team Ruff to a narrow victory over Countess and the rest of Team Fluff in what many pundits (perhaps a tad prematurely) call the best Puppy Bowl ever.
It’s not often that an offensive lineman gets any glory in the Puppy Bowl, but Shyla the Pyrenees did just that when she scored the first field goal in league history at Puppy Bowl X.
This shy Dachshund was one of the biggest dark horses in the history of the game. The story of Puppy Bowl X was Loren the Brittany Spaniel, everyone knows that, but the unsung tale is that of Mandy’s two surprise touchdowns in the second half.
Most pundits had Falcor counted out before the Big Game on account of his lethargic appearance, but the sleepy-looking Clumber Spaniel with the amazing name was secretly competitive and had the luck of the dragon on his side. Both he and his rival Henry tied Aberdeen’s Puppy Bowl record of four touchdowns, but it was Henry who was awarded the Most Valuable Puppy Award. It’s up to all of us to help keep Falcor’s legacy alive.
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