The Curious Case of Dwight Howard and his Shrinking Body

Why is it that when someone hits 60 home runs everyone (correctly) assumes steroids, but when an NBA player drastically changes the shape and composition of their freakish body, no one bats an eyelash. I’m referring to Dwight Howard and the suspicious case of his shoulders. This photo is from 2010 when Dwight was 25 years old.

Dwight Now

Keep in mind 40% of the 2010 Magic got busted for straight-up juicing (a source close to that Magic team tells TheLead that the PED use was rampant and went well beyond what has been publicly reported) and Hedo Turkoglu was reported to be using hardcore bodybuilder steroids like Metenolone. You don’t get it by accident at GNC. This a picture of Dwight Howard now.

He’s 30 years old and in the physical prime of his life. He may have had back injuries that slowed down his lifting, but he still shouldn’t be shrinking from the ages of 25-30. There are many reasons that his level of play dropped off and I won’t blame that on his use, or discontinuation of use, of PEDs, but the physical difference in his body is shocking. I don’t know what he did or didn’t do. I have no evidence. But I generally trust my eyes.

The interesting part about basketball, unlike football, or even baseball, is that you get a very intimate view of their figure. That’s why Boris Diaw’s body is the butt of so many jokes: his physique is out in the open for everyone to mock.

The changes to Dwight’s body, along with his precipitous decline and the fact that he is an alum of the most juiced out team in NBA history, is suspicious to say the least. What’s more interesting to me than whether Dwight juiced is why no one seems to care whether NBA players abuse PEDs. With the kind of contracts we’re seeing in the NBA, you have to imagine the temptation to “get an edge” is only growing. I don’t want to indict anyone for cheating. I’m not calling for Dwight Howard to be suspended. I’m just curious how rampant PED use is in the NBA.

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