The LAPD Cop Who Investigated Derrick Rose’s Rape Case Just Committed Suicide

This Derrick Rose rape trial just keeps getting more disturbing.

After days of ugly testimony that has left everyone (with the possible exception of the accuser) looking bad, the weirdness factor went to an entirely different level this morning when we learned that one of the LAPD officers who originally investigated the claims against Rose has apparently committed suicide.

While the current trial is civil, not criminal, (now deceased) officer Nadine Hernandez had recently played a role in it, confirming to the accuser’s attorney (and to Deadspin) that a criminal investigation into the charges did take place.

Is her death – a singled gunshot wound to the chest – related to this case? Probably not, unless the attention she received in relation to this case was somehow the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of accumulated stress. There are certainly a number of issues related to being an LAPD officer that you could imagine adding to the deterioration of someone’s mental health, not to mention factors outside the job like mental illness, etc.

As for speculation that the death wasn’t a suicide, and was instead a murder meant to look like a suicide, I doubt it. Plus, if it was true, the chances are just as good or better that it would be related to a separate case she was investigating. Even the most cynical conspiracy theorist would have trouble making a connection between Rose’s side and any motive to see Hernandez eliminated. This is a civil case where only money is at stake, not Rose’s freedom. Plus Hernandez wasn’t a key figure in the case; more of a periphery one. Not to mention, I doubt Derrick Rose and his crew are in the business of hiring a highly trained assassin to knock off an enemy (who just happens to be a decorated police officer), while making it look like a suicide.

In the end, this is just one more piece of information that is hard to put into context, in a trial full of them. Chances are we will probably never know what happened the night of the alleged rape, and we may never know why officer Hernandez ended up with a bullet in her chest.

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