This is the Most Indefensible Thing Charles Barkley Has Ever Said

I love Charles Barkley like overweight white people from the midwest love Mountain Dew.

He is one of my favorite people to listen to in the entire world, and I listen to a LOT of people in the media talking about a LOT of things on a daily basis.

However, occasionally Chuck says something so infuriating that I end up screaming at my TV in a deranged sort of way that makes my fiancé question the wisdom of our upcoming nuptials. This week Barkley doubled down on one of those statements as part of a media roundtable to promote Inside the NBA. The original comments took place on Bill Simmons’ show Any Given Wednesday, although I’m sure he had mentioned them before.

Please listen closely to that. His top five all-time is “NEVER going to change” (emphasis mine). Think about how stupid that is. And this isn’t about LeBron. I personally have him in my top five, but Barkley’s rationale about having him number eight is somewhat defensible. Having a top five that will never change no matter what isn’t.

Barkley might as well tattoo STUBBORN across his forehead. The position makes no logical sense. So no matter what LeBron (or anyone else who may come along in the next 30 years or so) does, they can’t crack the top five? What if LeBron wins the next five titles and plays at a high level until the age of 42? What if there is an eighth grader somewhere right now that will turn into a carbon copy of Michael Jordan, except with Ray Allen’s three-point stroke? What if Karl Anthony Towns becomes the most well-rounded big man ever and ends up winning about six straight MVPs (don’t laugh – kid is the truth)?

The longer you think about it, the more infuriating it becomes. I would love for someone to confront him directly with how stupid and illogical this position is, but I don’t hold out any hope it would do anything to change his mind. He gets off on being stubborn.

Still, I can always dream. Anyone have Kenny Smith’s digits?

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