This Just In: Brett Favre is Definitely a Piece of Shit

First the basics: Favre was an uber-talented player who managed to win three straight MVPs and a Super Bowl on pure skill and resilience. He was great in press conferences and in getting the average dude sitting at home to relate to him, with his aww-shucks demeanor and constant media appearances where he hemmed and hawed about retirement. He also could have been a hell of a lot better, but he preferred booze and Vicodin and golfing with his buddies to film study and showing up on time for team meetings and getting a full eight hours at night.


He also cheated on his wife while she was suffering from cancer and was sending dick-picks to sideline reporters in their early 20s when he was playing for the Jets at age 39. Meanwhile, seemingly all of the NFL media held him up as the epitome of hard work and industriousness, when in reality his work ethic wasn’t in the same ball park as Brady’s or Manning’s or his eventual replacement, Aaron Rodgers’.

Which brings us to an excerpt from Jeff Pearlman’s upcoming book, “Gunslinger” The upshot: Favre was a massive dick to Rodgers in #12’s first year (and beyond). He stole Rodgers helmet and tricked the team into signing it for charity, and then Rodgers was forced to wear it at practice with signatures all over it. He didn’t give Rodgers the time of day, but took great joy in pointing out his mistakes in front of others. He openly made fun of him in team meetings, taking particular joy in embarrassing the rookie. He was an insecure bully who took out those insecurities on the new guy.

And this wasn’t an isolated incident. Just Brett being Brett.

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