Tim Raines Gave Jonah Keri the Due He Deserves

Over the weekend in Cooperstown, NY ex-Montreal Expos leadoff hitter extraordinaire Tim Raines was finally inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame (along with a few others). It is almost a certainty that the often overlooked and incredibly patient Raines would have never been inducted (in his 10th and final chance) if it weren’t for Jonah Keri.

Keri is a Sports Illustrated baseball writer and longtime Expos super-fan who has consistently banged the drum for Raines to be admitted to the Hall, mostly by using newfangled analytics to show that Raines’s value was far greater than was appreciated at the time using old-fashioned counting stats like RBI.

Here is the touching video where Raines explains for Keri did for him and expresses his sincere thanks. It was a really cool moment to see…

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